Our Current Orphanages

Our ministry began in the country of Zimbabwe as a result of two significant problems: a growing orphan crisis and an inadequate solution to that crisis.

Orphanage “A” Southern Africa

Government regulations will not allow us to show pictures or reveal the name of this orphanage. However, we can describe the general conditions of it. This orphanage houses nearly 80 children ranging in ages from 9-18. They experience a dormitory-style life and are cared for by two house moms. We interviewed Pastor Jabulani Mudenda about his experiences with this orphanage. You can listen to those interviews here and here (if you have trouble opening the files, please search internet instructions on how to play audio clips in .ogg format). Our ministry has been working with this orphanage since 2009, and it is our prayer to empty out this orphanage one-by-one, placing each child into a loving, Christian family.

New Hope Home Binga, Zimbabwe

Approximately 10 acres of land were acquired in 2012 in the Matabeleland North province of Zimbabwe. To the best of our knowledge, no other orphan care effort exists in this entire region – an area roughly the size of South Carolina. Our desire is to build a transition house, to be named the New Hope Home, as a starting point for orphans and street children. Already 27 children are on a waiting list to live here. It is our prayer to help transition each of these homeless orphans into local Christian families. Check out our blog for the latest updates and progress on the New Hope Home in Binga.

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