We believe that it is not a worthless thing to trust in God. God is “willing as ever to prove Himself to be the Living God…to all who put their trust in Him” (George Muller).

By asking and receiving from the Lord, we aim to demonstrate that there is a reality in the things of God. We invite you to join us in prayer…

  • For orphanages to be emptied and families to be filled
  • That children living in orphanages would find strength in God and hope in His plan for their lives
  • For God to prepare families to receive and care for orphans
  • That homeless orphans will experience safety until finding a permanent home
  • For the construction of the New Hope transition home in Binga


Your donation will enable us to help children walk out of orphanages and into families. $35 per month will secure placement of an orphan into a new family

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To give by check, please make payable to “Empty the Orphanage Ministry” and mail to:
Empty the Orphanage Ministry | PO Box 6263 | Bloomington, IL 61702

To give by direct debit, fill out this form (Authorization for Direct Debit) and mail to the above address.

Empty the Orphanage Ministry is an approved 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

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Direct them to our website or Facebook page to learn more about our work. Together we can seek justice and defend the cause of orphans (Isaiah 1:17).

We received the following note describing how children’s lives are being changed through our ministry, “On behalf of the families who have been taking care of orphans in their homes I just want to say thank you for the partnership that we have in the ministry.  These children are more happy than children in the orphanage, I have been watching them for some time now and you can tell that they are now part of the family and you can actually see smiles on their faces.”