Why Empty Orphanages?

Our ministry began in the country of Zimbabwe as a result of two significant problems: a growing orphan crisis and an inadequate solution to that crisis.

What if empty beds, empty tables, and empty playgrounds were beautiful scenes? What if emptiness told a story other than sadness? What if the absence of children at an orphanage signaled their presence somewhere else? Somewhere better, perhaps.

Empty The Orphanage Ministry believes that emptiness is a beautiful thought, because emptying orphanages of children means filling families instead.

But why? Why not leave kids in orphanages as long as they have sufficient care? Countless organizations and ministries do good work for orphanages. Monies are collected. Food, clothing, and supplies are sent. And, sponsorships are pledged. These are all good things. Efforts like this sustain life and prevent the alternatives – like starvation, living without shelter, or worse.

But, all this work leaves the orphan…well, still orphaned. And, grouping orphans together in one place simply makes them a community of orphans. It does not solve their deepest problem.

There is only one good thing that will erase the label of orphan. The child needs to be welcomed into a new family. This is the “best good” for them. They need to become a son or daughter. This is God’s design.

The family is God’s blueprint for bringing up a child. So, when the original design has been lost, restoring the orphaned child to a new family structure should be the chief goal. As God planned it, the family is the best environment for children to develop emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, vocationally, and spiritually.

That is why our mission is to empty orphanages of children with lost identity. In doing so, we aim to fill homes with children who assume a new identity. The best identity. Family.

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