From Orphan Awareness to Involvement

We are excited to commend a podcast to you. Bethany Global Services recently interviewed our board chairman, Kendall Coffman about his vision to place orphans into families. Kendall shares how he moved from awareness of orphans to involvement in their lives. Below is an excerpt from the interview, and you can listen to the interview here.

An experience talked about during the podcast…

Kendall and a small team spent a week at an African orphanage that had fallen on hard times. Its physical, emotional, and spiritual needs were great. He recalled a pivotal encounter just as his team was preparing to leave.

“A boy came over to our car,” he said. “I’d noticed a bit of detachment all week from the kids, but this boy stepped right into the car and hugged me like a son and held on. Eventually he stepped away, and I closed the door. I was with three other men, and as we pulled away, there wasn’t a dry eye in the car. I was thinking, ‘I get to go home to a family, to a home and loving relationships. That boy will walk back into that orphanage.’ That day I made a commitment—I would not leave those kids.”


Empty the Orphanage Team

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