Orphan Christmas Celebration

Many townspeople in Binga, Zimbabwe gathered on Dec. 22 to celebrate Christmas with 60+ orphans. The celebration was held at the Pashu Primary school which is across the street from the New Hope Home site. Since the fence has been built, the people of Binga have been praising the Lord for visiting their community.

Christmas gathering at Pashu school

The chief in the area donated 2 goats to be enjoyed at the celebration.


Churches in Bulawayo donated shoes and clothing for the orphans as well. Some of the children were receiving shoes for the very first time.


Many of the elderly widows in the area also received pots and pans as gifts.

Gifts of pots and pans

There was dancing and celebrating to the Lord for this joyous time.

Thanking the Lord

Our friend, Pastor Jabulani, described the event by saying, “The gospel of Jesus was shared and one woman said, I can feel Jesus in my heart. This was a day to mark the journey of the New Hope Home in this community. Thank you all for your support to this cause.”

The area chief also had this to say about the work being done at the site, “My home is too small to accommodate these kids left to us, but we thank God for bringing the New Hope Home to us which will accommodate these kids.”

Merry Christmas,

Empty The Orphanage Ministry

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