Trip Memories with the Dentist

Report by Kendall C.

Dr. Barnes and Gretchen B. headed up the dental care portion of our trip. It took some creative planning and strategy to transport all the essential gear through the various airports. In the end, God answered our prayers (Ezra 8:21-23) and all the equipment arrived safely at our destination.

During the week, the dental team worked long hours and many days to serve the children. One girl, after having her two front teeth restored, told us that Dr. Barnes had “brought my smile back.” According to many children, in order to have a new tooth grow in, they need to throw the baby tooth onto the roof. And, a team member reported that the kids had never heard of braces before – many questions were asked about them, including, “Can you still eat?”

Summary statistics for the week: 67 exams and fluoride treatments, 44 surgical extractions, and 30 teeth restorations. The free dental treatment given was estimated at $19,800.

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