Trip memories with the Doctor

Report by Chris S.

Dr. Farinas set up a very nice little clinic in one of the dormitories at the orphanage. We created a makeshift wall to allow for some privacy, and this made a nice transition for the children going in for their exams. About 50 of the children at the orphanage were examined today. Doctor’s services are simply not available to most people locally, except in emergency circumstances. Dr. Farinas noted how impressed he was with the demeanor of the children during the exams and while they were waiting to be seen. They were polite and curious, but not rowdy at all.

Our second day was a bit unusual as we set up the clinic in a 6 x 10 room at the back of a church. When the music and singing began, Dr. Farinas jokingly said he was having a hard time hearing his stethoscope as the vibrations of the bass made it a little hard to use. The doctor is providing such an outstanding gift of service to these children. Even though he has not been able to give all the medicine or treatment they need, for most he has at least been able to give a diagnosis and some peace of mind.  He saw about 10 children before being pulled out of the room as the service started.

A third day finished our time up at the orphanage with the doctor seeing the rest of the children. One thing Dr. Farinas noticed is how much need there is for dental care. There are four children with extreme issues that basically need teeth pulled, so for now we are making arrangements for a local dentist to remove their teeth.