Trip Memories from Abby

Tuesday night was our final one at the orphanage. The last walk out of the orphanage was the longest walk of all.  It was very hard to say goodbye to our friends — very bittersweet.  Bitter, because we had to leave.  Sweet, because of the memories that we had created and the joyful times ahead.

We listened to one young man who was open and honest about what it was like to live in an orphanage. He explained that it was difficult, because “each person brings his own background with him.” The smallest gesture of unkindness, even something meant to be funny, could be taken the wrong way.  Fights were often started because of the littlest things.

But there was joy in the orphanage as well, and openness to Christ.  A group of three girls, all with rich, beautiful voices, began to sing a song by Chris Tomlin our last night there.  It was a worship service all in itself as child after child joined in, until the entire place was ringing with their voices.  They allowed us to encourage them and give them the hope of Christ.  They also, more importantly, allowed us to pray over them.

There was so much more we could have done.  It breaks our hearts to leave behind these children who have never experienced what we take for granted.  But, although we aren’t able to bring the kids into the kind of life we have, we are able to pour out every inch of the love in our hearts for them– returning home empty, yet quite full.

Please pray for these children.  Pray that they would strain toward Christ, and that their hearts would ache for Him.  Pray that peace and hope would be at the center of their hearts, regardless of the circumstances.