Well Drilling for the New Hope Home

(to learn the background of the New Hope Home, click here)

Praise the Lord the permit was approved, and drilling for water began. Workers brought their equipment from Bulawayo (a day’s drive) and the men spent 9 hours at the work site. You can see progress in the pictures below…the final photo revealing that water has been struck!

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Step one completed! Please continue to pray with us as we follow God on this exciting journey. The next move in the building process is for a razor-wire security fence to be erected around the site so that future materials and equipment remain protected from animals and thieves.

1 thought on “Well Drilling for the New Hope Home”

  1. Pastor Kendall, Thank you for sending these photos and updates. It absolutely thrills me to see this humongous effort being accomplished for these children, His children. Their Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and there isn’t anything He can’t do for their good and His glory! Rejoicing with you!Kim Williamson

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