Why Empty Orphanages?

What if empty beds, empty tables, and empty playgrounds were beautiful scenes? What if emptiness told a story other than sadness? What if the absence of children at an orphanage signaled their presence somewhere else? Somewhere better, perhaps. Empty The…


Our ministry began in the country of Zimbabwe as a result of two significant problems: a growing orphan crisis and an inadequate solution to that crisis. According to UNICEF, in 2007 Zimbabwe held the unwanted distinction of having the highest…


Pray. We believe that it is not a worthless thing to trust in God. God is “willing as ever to prove Himself to be the Living God…to all who put their trust in Him” (George Muller). By asking and receiving…


Construction Begins on Guest Houses

Construction has begun on 2 guest houses at the New Hope Home site in Binga, Zimbabwe. The need for guest lodging in this area is great. When teams from the states are visiting and travel from their hotel to visit…

Empty the Orphanage Recognized

Empty the Orphanage Ministry in partnership with Hope Ministries Zimbabwe was recognized by the government of the Republic of Zimbabwe for our work with orphans and disadvantaged children. (to learn the background of the New Hope Home, read here; and…

Family Home Completed

Scofield Church (Dallas, TX), in partnership with Empty the Orphanage and Hope Ministries, sent a team of people to work on the New Hope Home in Binga, Zimbabwe. One of their objectives was to construct a family home where up…

Trip Memories with the Dentist

A brief report on Dr. Barnes’ work in Zimbabwe

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Trip Memories from Abby

Abby shares about some of the orphans she remembers.

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Trip memories with the Doctor

A summary of Dr. Farinas’ trip to Zimbabwe

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